Learn About Electric Vehicles

To Change Everything We Need Everyone

It has never been easier to become active, and Daphne Dixon of Live Green believes everybody is a leader. “Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, everybody is headed in the same direction.” She adds, “You know, geese flying in formation fly 67% faster than one flying alone.”

Purchasing Your EV- It’s Easy as 1, 2,3

Be a local hero. You too can help Connecticut reach its goal of 125,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025. And the government wants to help.

Proterra Electric Bus

A Greener Bridgeport Transit

Greater Bridgeport leads the way to a greener public transport with its new zero emissions electric bus.

These 4 Trends Prove Electric Trucks and Buses are Revving Up

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we’ll need to accelerate electrification of the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases in the world: medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. These include vehicles from big semitrucks and delivery vans, to city buses and garbage trucks.

Riding the Future Wave with Chevy’s Bolt

Mike Atkins is the ‘EV sales specialist for Maritime Chevrolet in Fairfield. As such, he’s become thoroughly familiar with the innovative automotive technology behind the Chevy Bolt.

Woman looking at computer

Learn About All Things EV

Here are some fantastic sites to learn more about electric vehicles of all kinds, from trucks to cars, to bikes.

Not Quite Ready to Plug in Yet?

If you’re still amassing the information and cash for your conversion to EVs, don’t worry. There’s lots you can still do to help the planet, and your pocket.

First Plug in Electric Day in Santa Monica, 2010.

Celebrate EVs- And Prizes Too?

For10 years National Drive Electric Week has been championing all electric and hybrid plug ins around the world.

Westport Police Chief with Tesla Police Car

Book’em Tesla!

“Day 2, the savings start coming back,” says Westport PD’s Chief Foti Koskinas about the department’sTesla Model 3 squad car, the first Tesla to be incorporated into a police fleet in the U.S. During an interview with Zac and Jesse from In Depth, he extolls the virtues of the EV. He also notes the carContinue reading “Book’em Tesla!”

man standing by car in desert

Range is no longer the key excuse for not buying an EV

With the overall average range of electric vehicles available in the US headed toward 300 miles in the next few years, range as the key hurdle to adoption is being surpassed by concerns about charging speed and infrastructure.

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