Green Wheels Expo ’21 Gallery

Sustainable Fairfield’s 7th Green Wheels Expo once again proved a great success, with people coming out in droves to view the latest in electric vehicles. The day began at Westport’s train station with an EV Parade sponsored by the EV Club of Connecticut, with State Representative Steinberg officiating, and finished at Bob’s parking lot inContinue reading “Green Wheels Expo ’21 Gallery”

Cleaner Greener Transit for All

Take a deep breath. You can almost smell cleaner air on the way.  In 2020, Greater Bridgeport Transport began a tiered transition to an electric fleet, purchasing two Proterra Catalyst buses (made in America!) They have been carrying passengers throughout the Bridgeport area since July 2021, with much success, and in August they showed anContinue reading “Cleaner Greener Transit for All”

To Change Everything We Need Everyone

It has never been easier to become active, and Daphne Dixon of Live Green believes everybody is a leader. “Like a flock of birds or a school of fish, everybody is headed in the same direction.” She adds, “You know, geese flying in formation fly 67% faster than one flying alone.”

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