Discover the Joys of Electric Bicycling…in a Pandemic

By Jim Motavalli My biking skills were atrophying—until the Pandemic. I read once that Americans have the highest bicycle ownership in the world, but one of the lowest rates of actually riding them. Everybody has a bike—that’s what garages are for—but most of them are sitting around with flat tires. Some years ago, I wasContinue reading “Discover the Joys of Electric Bicycling…in a Pandemic”

Is Public Transportation Dead?

Well, we won’t be going to the moon anytime soon, but many of us do have to go to work; and luckily, public transport lives. In a new podcast series called “Along the Lines,” Rich Andreski, Connecticut’s DOT Bureau Chief of Public Transportation, will chat with advocates, local policymakers, members of the community, and mostContinue reading “Is Public Transportation Dead?”

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