Celebrate National Drive Electric Week 2020

The tenth annual National Drive Electric Week (NDEW), a coast-to-coast celebration of electric vehicles (EVs), will be held September 26–October 4 and include more than 100 online events for the first time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NDEW highlights the environmental, health, and consumer benefits of clean plug-in vehicles.


Our national food system is complex and wasteful. The average plate of food travels 1,500 miles to reach our tables and over 4 million tons of food is wasted each year. According to the National Institutes of Health, the adverse environmental and health effects of pesticides are becoming increasingly clear. On a positive note, there has been impressive growth in farmers’ markets, community-supported agriculture (CSAs), and other outlets for farmers to sell wholesome, unprocessed products directly to consumers. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service has noted a sharp increase in local food sourcing by restaurants, retailers, and regional distributors.

Discover the Joys of Electric Bicycling…in a Pandemic

By Jim Motavalli My biking skills were atrophying—until the Pandemic. I read once that Americans have the highest bicycle ownership in the world, but one of the lowest rates of actually riding them. Everybody has a bike—that’s what garages are for—but most of them are sitting around with flat tires. Some years ago, I wasContinue reading “Discover the Joys of Electric Bicycling…in a Pandemic”

Electric Car Parade

Give a clap! That may be all you hear as the quietest parade ever passes by. Get an up close view as The EV Club of CT parade their cars through the streets of Fairfield and Westport led by led by Westport Police Chief Koskinas in the town’s electric police car. . Come cheer them on (with social distancing and safety in mind.)

Fairfield’s Annual Green Wheels Expo Will Roll Online, Featuring Special Guest Jay Leno

The Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF)’s acclaimed Green Wheels Expo will roll again this September, in a feature-packed online format providing viewers a host of opportunities, safely accessible right from home, to sample the many appealing models of electric vehicles (EVs) transforming how we travel.

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